Interventions on environmental externalities:


Implementation of measures for lighting flows regulation according to the infrastructure needs and the complementary use of LED technology (Ascendi is a pioneer in Portugal on installing LED technology in motorway Interchanges);


  • Monitoring of infrastructures under construction or built
  • Conduct environmental impact studies (EIS) in all built infrastructures

Water Resources

  • Monitoring of sensitive areas;

  • Installation of tailing ponds, with macrophyte beds, constituting a "naturalised" system that is very efficient in capturing pollutants transported in dissolved state or in fine particles, which is a pioneering system in Portugal.

Noise Pollution

  • Noise monitoring in sensitive areas;

  • Use of permeable sound-absorbing paving wherever feasible;

  • Installation of Noise Barriers.

Ecological Systems  

  • Monitoring of fauna and flora in sensitive areas, especially of endangered species;

  • Promotion of the conservation of protected species (transfer of stork nests and species conservation campaigns);

  • Implementation of "naturalized" wildlife corridors to decrease the barrier effect of the infrastructures;

  • Replanting of protected tree species (e.g. cork oaks and holm oaks) as a compensatory measure.


Development of Landscape Integration Projects for areas surrounding road infrastructures.
Selection of native species so that the infrastructures can be quickly and harmoniously integrated into their surroundings;
Planting of tree curtains that serve as a protective visual barrier for the houses nearest the motorways.

Social Responsibility

Ascendi’s activity is guided by a socially responsible model, interactive with the surroundings, namely seeking to improve the well-being of communities close to its areas of influence and of its employees, the development of scientific and technical knowledge in its area of activity and the promotion of universally recognized values in developed societies.

Among the current assumed initiatives we highlight:

    • Social Support
      - Direct and regular support to local charities and promote volunteer and fund-raising projects together with the Ascendi employees.
      - Establishment of protocols with third-parties which benefit employees, and campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, blood donation campaigns, etc.

    • Promotion of Technical and Scientific Knowledge
      Partnerships with Universities and other Higher Education Institutions for the development of I&D projects that are relevant in Ascendi’s area of activity, for the development of curricular and vocational internship programs and scholarships

    • Promotion of Cultural Development
      Financial support to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto (Fundação de Serralves) and funding of archaeological activities, as part of our construction activity

    • Promotion of Social Integration
      Participation in the activities of the Committee on Equal Opportunities, the Forum for Gender Equality and promotion of labour integration of disabled workers;

Human Resources

Ascendi believes people are its biggest asset.
That is why its human resources policy is focused on the personal and professional development of our staff through a continued investment in coherent vocational training programs, in promoting safety at work and in the development of social activities

Each employees’ commitment is crucial for the whole organization.

Ascendi strives to clarify and align expectations so that everyone may feel involved and with a sense of belonging.

Among the developed activities we highlight:

  • Annual Training Plans, oriented to the individual and/or collective development of professional and personal skills;

  • Proactive promotion of Safety in the Workplace;

  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention;

  • Sporting and cultural team activities, as a means of fostering internal cohesion.