Traditional tolls

In Portugal, there are two different types of toll motorways: those which use a system of electronic toll collection and those with traditional tollbooths. The best way to pay the tolls on both types of motorways is with an electronic tag.

This system lets you pay your tolls in person at a physical tollbooth located on the motorway where you are travelling. The amount you will have to pay at the tollbooth depends on the class of your vehicle.

Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5*
IC16/CREL (A. Colaride)
* Note: Class 5 refers only to motorcycles with electronic device.



Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5*
A7IC 1 - EN 2060,300,500,650,700,21
EN 206 - Nó de Famalicão1,703,003,854,251,19
Nó de Famalicão - Famalicão A3/A70,150,250,350,350,11
Famalicão A3/A7 - Ceide0,350,600,750,850,25
 Ceide - Ave0,651,201,501,700,46
Ave - Nó Selho0,400,750,951,050,28
Nó Selho - Guimarães Sul0,450,801,001,100,32
Guimarães Sul - Nó Calvos0,450,751,001,100,32
Nó Calvos - Fafe0,951,652,152,350,67
Fafe - Basto1,953,404,354,851,37
Basto - Ribeira Pena1,302,302,953,300,91
Ribeira Pena - IP31,352,403,103,400,95
A11Nó Apúlia - EN 205 PV0,400,700,901,000,28
EN 205 - Barcelos0,851,501,902,100,60
Barcelos - Braga Oeste1,001,702,202,450,70
Braga Oeste - Braga Ferreiros0,450,801,051,150,32
Braga (Ferreiros) - Celeirós0,350,600,800,900,25
Celeirós - Guimarães Oeste1,252,152,753,050,88
Nó Selho - Guimarães Oeste0,150,300,400,450,11
Nó Calvos - Vizela0,701,251,651,800,49
Vizela - Felgueiras0,350,600,750,850,25
Longra - Felgueiras0,200,350,450,500,14
Felgueiras - Lousada0,500,901,151,300,35
Lousada - Lousada0,100,200,250,300,07
Lousada - EN 150,601,051,301,450,42
EN 15 - EN 2110,250,400,550,600,18
EN 211 - Castelões0,050,050,100,100,04
* Note: Class 5 refers only to motorcycles with electronic device.


  • Grande Lisboa Concession | A16
  • Norte Concession | A7 and A11

All motorways with this system have signs in the tollbooth area guiding customers towards the appropriate lane for their desired payment method.

Lanes with this symbol overhead and on the ground, and with the indication "Adherents Only", may be used only by drivers who have signed up for the Via Verde system. The vehicle is identified automatically and payment is made through your bank account (Via Verde automatic payment).
Lanes with this symbol overhead have a tollbooth manned by an Ascendi employee. If you are travelling without a Via Verde tag, you will have to pay at the tollbooth, either in cash or with an electronic payment card. This means you will not have to pay any additional charges.
If the lane has this symbol overhead, you can pay using any of the payment methods accepted on the lanes reserved for Via Verde users and on those with manual tollbooths.
  • The fastest way to pay is with a Via Verde tag.

You can buy your electronic tag at our facilities in Rua de Agramonte, 130 Boavista, or online on the Via Verde website Via Verde.

  • If you are travelling without a tag, you will have to pay at the tollbooth in cash, or with a debit or credit card.