Ascendi subscribes Act4Nature Portugal

Joining this initiative means committing to protect, promote and restore biodiversity.

Ascendi is committed with act4nature Portugal a movement promoted by BCSD Portugal that unites more than 27 companies in Portugal with the purpose of assuming individual accountability to protect, promote and restore biodiversity.

Recent scientific studies show that the planet is losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate, rapidly approaching a point of no return. According to the World Economic Forum, in 2020, more than half of the global economic value generated – 44 trillion dollars – is moderately or highly dependent on nature, thus the loss of natural resources will entail enormous risks for companies and their value chains.

With act4nature Portugal initiative, BCSD Portugal urges companies to mobilize themselves to act in favour of nature, by protecting, promoting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystem that contribute to stopping and reversing its loss by 2030.

Act4nature Portugal is part of act4nature International, launched in France in 2018 by the association EpE – Entreprises pour l’Environnement, a partner of BCSD Portugal through the WBCSD Global Network. The initiative includes commitments made in 2019 by BCSD Portugal, joining the Business for Nature with the objective of committing companies to contribute to reverse biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation sustaining the services they provide at a global level.

Learn more about act4nature Portugal here.