The old Litografia Lusitana building rehabilitation, in OPorto, was one of the candidates for the National Urban Rehabilitation Award and won in the category of best sustainability solution

This Tuesday (May 10, 2022) Litografia Lusitana Building, Ascendi´s headquarters, was awarded the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation (PNRU) in Best Sustainability Solution 2022 category and nine projects were awarded in ten different categories, chosen by an independent jury from a range of 74 projects from 25 municipalities in the country.

The building (Litografia Lusitana), is part of OPorto history for about a century, once a main reference of the printing industry in OPorto, was closed for more than 20 years, finding itself lifeless and soulless. The requalification of this building was more than an urban intervention, it was about recovering and rebuilding the history of the city itself. Designed by Architect André Costa de Almeida, the final result was able to respect the entire history of the building, incorporating the current standards of office reference. The main objective was achieved, making it a place where Ascendi employees can grow driven by determination, in a place with a vision of the future.

Thus, this work deserved recognition for being an example of good practices in requalification, standing as a unique reference for how cities can reinvent themselves without ever losing their identity. The building has a gross area of 4122 m2, operating and being synchronized as a whole, in open space mode.

The new facilities encourage a new work dynamic and the adoption of more agile methodologies, fundamental for the new challenges and projects of Ascendi.

The project differential that made this success possible was the building Class A energy classification– for which contributed the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption and charging stations for electric vehicles and the reuse of rainwater in the garden irrigation system.

With the High Sponsorship of the Portuguese Government, granted through the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation is an initiative organized by Vida Imobiliária, which seeks to distinguish excellence in the Portuguese real estate sector.

It should be noted that social economy has a central role in cities revitalization, contributing to social inclusion and the maintenance of social systems that are undergoing transformation in urban rehabilitation processes.