Ascendi promotes Safety and Health at Work campaign

Ascendi launches campaign with the aim of ensuring the adoption of good safety and health practices by the service providers who work on its roads.

Under the slogan “Safety at Work”, Ascendi challenges its partners to join this campaign which intends to reward the adoption of good safety practices by those who work on the roads, aiming for the development of an Ascendi Safety at Work Standard.

Through awards attribution, Ascendi will acknowledge the worthy performances of its partners seeking to encourage them to increase the safety levels of their workers.

This is a three-year development initiative with two kinds of prizes to be awarded:

1) Safety at Work Prize – monetary prize related to safety performance evaluation of each service provision/work.

2) Excellence Prize – fixed monetary prize awarded to the top performance five companies. This amount is only to be used in Safety at Work promotion, namely through equipment purchase or training actions.

This campaign seeks to promote the involvement and commitment with the subject of safety at work, looking to contribute to risks and accidents at work reduction.

The Campaign presentation took place in Aveiro with the presence of 100 of Ascendi´s service providers.