Road Safety Yearbook

Ascendi will continue to develop and implement the best practices to ensure the safety of all drivers.

As customary/usual since 2018, Ascendi released its Road Safety Yearbook with results obtained in 2020. This information is shared with the purpose of supporting all stakeholders involved in this issue, to channel their efforts to prevent and reduce road accidents in Portugal, in a more coordinate and effective way.


The results presented reflect Ascendi´s work done so far, as part of its strategy for reducing the frequency and severity of road accidents. Traditionally, this work comprises implementation of several improvement initiatives, engineering studies which have pointed concrete measures for Ascendi to reduce road accidents on its motorway network.


In 2020, we highlight as main initiatives the approval of Ascendi´s Road Safety Action Plan 2020-2023, proceeding with of the security barrier reinforcement program, the studies of measures to reduce risk in accident prone zones, and the reinforcement of external partnerships as well as internal reorganization.


The information is available here:
2020 Road Safety Yearbook