Ascendi developed a simulacrum with the recreation of a car accident scenario.

In the last 16th of April Ascendi, as a part of its concessions internal procedures training programs, undertook in a joint initiative with the National School of Firefighters, a simulacrum in A13 with the purpose of exercising the concessionaire’s operational response capacity, as well as of the other entities who are responsible to intervene in Civil Protection affairs and in car accident scenario involving victims.

Conducted by the concessionaire, the simulacrum focused particularly in the communication procedures between Ascendi and the other entities,  in accordance with the principles of the Integrated Protection and Relief Operations System (SIOPS). This way Ascendi expects to improve the responsiveness of its teams and of the Civil Protection Agents, ensuring greater safety on its roads by preventing greater impacts and reducing the effects of any accident that may occur.

Besides Ascendi and the National School of Firefighters, the simulacrum had also the direct operational intervention of the National Civil Protection Authority (CDOS Coimbra),  Volunteer Firefighters of Coimbra, Condeixa and Brasfemes, National Republican Guard (Territorial Command of Coimbra), National Institute of Medical Emergency and Emergency Line 112 (CONOR).

In the end, the several entities involved regarded the operation having fully achieved the objectives and expected results.