New equipment reinforces road safety.

Ascendi recently acquired a new system to ensure the safety of the teams working on the motorway lane.

Ascendi recently acquire two truck mounted dampening devices, worldwide known as TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator).

This acquisition results from a research work both internal and external, for best practices and equipments, aimed to prevent and / or reduce accidents with operating vehicles and workers on foot.

In the case of truck mounted dampening devices, Ascendi teams that deal with Safety of Operations carried out technical visits to several countries and suppliers. Particularly United Kingdom and Belgium, where this kind of equipment has been mandatory in signalling road work. Belgium is an example of a successful use of this equipment with great results.
As the name suggests, these devices are truck mounted and function as a damping mechanism in case of rear impact by a vehicle, absorbing the impact energy.

Considering statistics there are more and more distracted drivers that cause accidents, this equipment, although not avoiding the collision, may decrease its damage both in the workers and in the vehicle passengers that cause collision.

In Portugal, Ascendi is the 1st concessionaire to acquire and use this equipment in its infrastructure management.