Ascendi supports Midas

To surpass the difficulties of the municipal Official Collection Centers, Ascendi will support Midas association, which will be contributing with technical support and ensuring the health and well-being of the animals detected along our routes.

Ascendi, as part of its social responsibility, will support Midas association through a Protocol signing that will allow this association to contribute with technical support, ensuring the health and well-being of animals detected along Ascendi Network motorways .
Aware of the limitations that the municipal Official Collection Centers have presented in their kennels and catteries, with difficulties in domestic animals care, Ascendi has established a partnership with Midas association, a well-known institution that works for several years on animals defense, fostering, treating and permanently looking for a home and a family that will provide them with a happy and safe life.
Midas association is based in Matosinhos and its main objectives are to foster, treat and promoting animal adoption, especially dogs and cats. According to Dr. Lígia Andrade, President of Midas Association “At the moment we have around 200 animals in the shelter, including dogs and cats. In order to fulfil our mission, we are supported by the municipality and, now, we also have the support of Ascendi.”
This initiative is announced on a special date – World Animal Day, as an example of Ascendi’s concern of promoting an ethical and responsible relationship with the environment and local communities.

Watch the illustrative video of this protocol here.