Ascendi renews the exclusive patronage of Tree Top Walk

The renewal of this partnership with Fundação de Serralves marks World Tree Day, as well as reinforces Ascendi's role in promoting Environmental Sustainability.

Given the growing concern with environmental issues and nature´s relevance in everyday society, Ascendi marks World Tree Day with the renewal of the partnership with Fundação de Serralves, ensuring the exclusive patronage of TreeTop Walk in the coming years. The project, designed by architect Carlos Castanheira in collaboration with architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, is a high path, based on a unique architectural structure, located in Serralves Park, at treetops level, allowing an authentic experience of fauna and flora watching, enjoyment and study.

With about 250 meters long and a completely horizontal path at a height from the ground ranging between 1.50 and 25 meters, this project was recognized as an affirmation of architecture and sustainable forms of construction, essential elements in the future relationship of man with nature.

This partnership reflects Ascendi’s desire to cultivate an ethical and responsible relationship with the environment, aims to promote an appreciation of cultural biodiversity and more sustainable social practices, allowing to strengthen Fundação de Serralves fundamental role of education in environmental sustainability and biodiversity protection.