Ascendi participated in the 18th IRF World Meeting

In one of the most iconic cities of the world (Dubai), took place the 18th IRF World Meeting, a global summit, particularly focused on efficient solutions delivery to the biggest mobility challenges in the world.

Ascendi participated in the “18th IRF World Meeting & Exhibtion”, an internationally renowned event where the latest technological innovations and best practices in road infrastructure management are shared.

Ascendi operating strategy on Road Safety was introduced by João Neves and Telma Silva, who presented Ascendi´s motorways security barrier reinforcement program, sharing the results obtained so far.

The work presentation resulting from the partnership with Minho University, in friction performance indicator degradation models over time, on motorways, was carried out by Adriana Santos (Maintenance Management). This project is studying several longitudinal models to describe the degradation of the friction performance indicator over time and, above all, to identify the factors that influence this behaviour.

“Virtual Gantry”, an innovative project in toll collection was presented by Pedro Pinto (Tolls General Manager), responding to current challenges in terms of mobility management. This research project intends to develop a new toll payment solution using geo-referencing (Satellite) and a mobile application, promoting sustainable mobility.

On digital transformation of Ascendi´s operation, and the several steps already taken, Álvaro Soares (Information Technology Management), addressed the advantages and challenges of an integrated and digital operation, namely on the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, showing the progress that Ascendi has made in digital operations.

Watch here the video on Ascendi’s technological evolution.

Infrastructure Sustainability, Road Safety and Customer Service, are key factors in the projects that Ascendi has been developing.