Old Lithography Lusitânia embodies new motorway concessionaire's facilities

Ascendi opened its new headquarters in Boavista, one of the most central places and with the best accessibility in Oporto.
Times have changed and companies have to keep up. With this in mind, (ou with this thought ou with this mindset) Ascendi’s Board of Directors decided to open space for a new era, thus starting a new journey in the group’s history.

Luís Silva Santos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ascendi, mentioned during the opening ceremony, «We decided (…) the best was to unite everything in the city. It was in this building, the old Lusitânia lithography that we sense this alternative and we are truly satisfied that two and a half years after the first visit to the premises, we are already installed».
Present at the inauguration, Filipe Araújo, Vice-President of the Municipality of Oporto, stated «On behalf of Municipality of Oporto and its President” (…) Ascendi choose not only to come to Porto, but also to rehabilitate a space that has its history in the city, and that made us proud and did so from a sustainability perspective, (…). We are extremely pleased to see today, a rehabilitated building, with such conditions and occupied by hundreds of workers who will certainly contribute to give a new life to this area of the city».

Designed by the architect André Costa de Almeida, Ascendi’s new headquarters building was conceived with special attention to people so that everyone is connected and information crosses the entire space, without barriers and with transparency. For the architect in charge of the project, André Costa de Almeida, «We built a new, New». With a total area of 4122 m2, this building enables to increase connectivity and brings people closer together, promoting a more transparent coexistence, with the space working as a whole. The new facilities will foster a new work dynamic and the adoption of more agile methodologies, fundamental to Ascendi’s new challenges and projects.

In this new space, we have also available to the public, a customer service, with entrance at Rua de Agramonte, 130, 4150-029 Oporto, designed to provide closer service, offering Ascendi customers a more personalized and convenient experience.
The store will be open six days a week, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday and from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday, and it will also be possible to schedule the service thus reducing waiting time and adding convenience to customers