Ascendi and Prio inaugurate the first service area of A13

The Alvaiázere Service Area has already opened on the A13 (Pinhal Interior Subconcession), in the direction Tomar/Coimbra.


Ascendi and Prio have just inaugurated the first Service Area of A13. Located between Alvaiázere interchange and IC8/Avelar Sul interchange, in the direction Tomar/Coimbra, this service area will ensure that all A13 drivers can access without having to leave the motorway, fuel and support services for their travels.

The construction project had a lot to do with sustainability, preferring building environmentally sustainable solutions, like the exterior coating composed of a mixture of granulated cork, use of solutions that maximize the use of natural lighting and installation of solar panels for sanitary waters heating. At the exterior, use of LED fixtures and furniture made of recycled material to recreational area (playground fence, crates to collect trash and ashtrays).

We also intend to exhibit a billboard on the region iconic product– Chícharo and we are still evaluating with the Center Regional Directorate of Culture, the exhibition of archaeological findings that were collected during the construction of A13, which fall into the typology of an infrastructure that, at the Roman time, was equivalent to current Service Areas.

The new Prio Station offers two multiproduct distribution points with Top Diesel and Top 95, superior quality fuels at the best price and a fast-charge charger for electric cars. The Station also supplies diesel and simple gasoline, adblue and agricultural diesel, as well as Eco Diesel, a fuel specially developed by PRIO and which has 15% biodiesel incorporation. Additionally, customers will also have access to PRIO convenience store.