In Portugal, motorways have two different toll systems: toll gates (exclusively electronic tolls) and toll plazas (traditional toll). The best way to pay tolls in both systems is with an electronic device (Tag).


In toll plazas the toll fee payment is made at the time you exit the motorway.

If you have an electronic device (Tag) you should use the lane with the Via Verde symbol on the roof and the floor and marked with "Reservado a Aderentes". In this case the vehicle will be automatically recognized and the payment is made through your bank account (Via Verde automatic payment).

If you have not acquired an electronic device, you must withdraw a ticket at the toll plaza on the entrance of a motorway, which you will have to give back when passing the exit toll plaza. Through this ticket the correspondent toll fee will be calculated and you can pay by cash or card.

In Portugal there are exclusively electronic tolls.

If you drive a vehicle with a foreign license plate, you have several options for paying tolls on motorways where the collection is exclusively electronic.
Throughout the motorways with electronic tolls you’ll find Supervisory Agents, whose duty is to monitor tolls payment. These teams can clarify any questions you have regarding electronic tolls and even pay notifications.
To recognize the agents, click here.

How do I pay?

Click here to see how electronic toll payment works for foreign license plates.
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