Life on Earth depends on the right ecological balance, which results from the existing relationships between all living organisms. The disappearance or introduction of any given species may bring about significant changes, which often have serious effects. According to recent studies, the COVID-19 pandemic is directly linked with the loss of Biodiversity and ecosystem services. Continuous deforestation may also lead to an increase in this type of zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans).

Biodiversity at Ascendi

At Ascendi, we intend to turn our infrastructures into opportunities, by adopting measures that help preserve the balance of Nature.
In this sense, we have launched the “Biodiversity on the Road” programme, which aims to promote the defence and preservation of Nature’s richness and variety through the sharing of relevant information.
Presented by biologist Pedro Moreira, this programme comprises 5 episodes, which will be made available every Monday, between the 16th May and the 13th June.
The programme will also be available on several platforms, namely YouTube and the Ascendi website and social networks, as well as in podcast format on Spotify.
Focusing on the importance of Biodiversity, this programme will present useful tips and suggestions for protecting Biodiversity, and show us how these small gestures can be decisive to its defence and preservation.
This initiative is part of Ascendi’s commitment to fostering the sustainable use of resources, ecological transition and the protection of Biodiversity across its network.

Biodiversity matters to all of us

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us! Every week, we’ll suggest a series of simple, daily actions that may help preserve Biodiversity.

Episode 1 - Biodiversity– the balance of life on Earth
Aware of the impact of infrastructures, Ascendi organises several initiatives that strengthen its commitment to preserving Biodiversity and ensuring the protection of all species.
But what is exactly understood by Biodiversity? This concept refers to the variety of Life on Earth, from genes to the countless species of animals, plants and microorganisms found on our planet, as well as all habitats and ecosystems that form the biosphere.
In this first episode, Ascendi’s biologist Pedro Moreira will talk about the existing challenges and give us examples of small actions that can make all the difference when it comes to environmental conservation.
Episode 2 - Invasive Species– A serirous threat
What exactly are invasive species? A species is deemed invasive when it proliferates excessively under ideal conditions, in the absence of natural control, causing harm to the local environment and Biodiversity.
Why should we be concerned? In this second episode, João Lindo da Cunha, a specialist in invasive species at Ascendi, will explain why invasive species represent a serious threat to our fauna and flora.
Episode 3 – Gaia Biological Park Animal Rescue Centre
Have you ever found a hurt animal? Would you know what to do if you found an animal in need of help? In this episode, we will visit the Gaia Biological Park Animal Rescue Centre, where we’ll talk about some of the techniques used to capture animals in these situations and explain how these centres contribute to Biodiversity preservation. In addition to playing a key role in raising the population’s awareness of the region’s flora, fauna, climate and landscape, the Gaia Biological Park focuses significantly on educational initiatives aimed at children.
Episode 4 - Passerines - Small wings for a great future
What exactly are passerines? Passerines belong to a very diversified group of birds that includes more than half of the world’s bird species. As the number of people living in cities increases, birds have come to play a key role in connecting us to Nature. In this episode we will show you how you can contribute to the defence and preservation of passerine species.
Episode 5 – Pollination – Transporting life from flower to flower
Can you imagine a world without refreshing, diced watermelon in the summer or a little piece of chocolate with your coffee? Without pollinators, this could become an ugly reality. But what exactly are pollinators and what do they do? Pollinators are small animals, such as birds and butterflies, that fly from flower to flower, carrying pollen on their legs and bodies. But why are pollinators disappearing? Find out all about pollination in this episode.